The Holiday Spirit is a Giving Spirit

spirit-of-givingThe holiday season is a time to build lifelong memories with your family and remember the greatest gift of all—the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s also a good time to create family traditions that center around the Christ-like behavior of serving others. There are many ways children can get involved with helping their neighbors and those who are less fortunate while still having lots of holiday fun.

Bake Cookies for Elderly Neighbors. Everyone loves Christmas cookies, so this one will be pure enjoyment for the whole family. Ask your kids to think about who in the neighborhood might need some extra holiday cheer this year and bake a batch of decorated sugar cookies (find a good recipe here).  Have the children write a note to go along with the cookies and hand deliver the gifts.

Serve at a Food Bank or Soup Kitchen. Few things are more eye opening for children than when they realize that not everyone has food on the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Volunteer with your kids to serve food to the disadvantaged at a soup kitchen or help stock a food bank this season. Keep in mind that soup kitchens are not always safe for young children because of the sharp knives and hot surfaces.

Donate Supplies to a No-Kill Animal Shelter. Animal shelters are always in need of extra supplies for their furry residents. Consider taking your children up to the animal shelter with items like: towels, leashes, Timothy hay, natural dog and cat treats, pet shampoos, peanut butter and bottled distilled water. While you’re there, consider adopting an animal in need. We’re sure the kids won’t mind.

What ideas do you have for seasonal acts of kindness? Establishing giving traditions around the holidays will help your children live a selfless, Christ-centered life. Merry Christmas!