Our Team

The WCA Team

Ms. Susan

Assistant Director and VPK Substitute Teacher

Ms. Susan began her career in early childhood education in August of 1990. She started by teaching Pre-K (VPK was not an available program yet). After Pre-K, she taught VPK and became the VPK Director for the school she worked for. Here at World Class Academy, she was hired as a VPK teacher before becoming our wonderful Assistant Director. In her role, she expertly facilitates the use of the WCA curriculum and assists in making sure everyday operations run smoothly. She does her best each day to make every child’s early learning experience a memorable one and believes that ECE should be about celebrating each child’s uniqueness.

Every morning when the children are dropped off it is exciting for Ms. Susan to see the children’s happy faces as she greets them. She feels good knowing that they feel safe and loved by all of the teachers here at WCA. She is confident that when parents leave their children at World Class Academy they receive extraordinary care. At the end of the day, everyday, she knows the early childhood educators at WCA make positive differences in the lives of all the children in our care.

Ms. Helen

Young Toddler Lead Teacher

I started my early childhood education journey here at WCA in April of 2013. Primarily, I have always worked with infants and young toddlers. I am continually inspired knowing that I am contributing to the development of the children I work with. I love it when they excitedly run up to me wanting to be held. To me, these children are like my surrogate grandchildren and I love each and every one of them.

Ms. Annie

One Year Olds Lead Teacher

I started in early childhood education in April of 2013. Most of my experience is working with children aged two and younger, but I also have some experience working within the VPK program. My favorite time of my workday at WCA is circle time in the morning. The fun we have and the way the children embrace this wonderful time of the day with each other brings me joy. I love teaching children, watching them grow, and knowing I’m helping to shape their young minds in a positive way. Children are our future and I love fostering their skills. During my time here I see these children as if they were my own. It is my goal to make sure that each child is treated with the love and respect they deserve.

Ms. Lisa

One Year Olds Assistant Teacher

I have been working in Early Childhood Education since March of 1995. I am inspired everyday by the children’s smiles and laughter as they learn new things. My approach is to treat every child with love and care. Some of my favorite experiences working at WCA are playing in the playground and participating in Music & Movement with the children.

Ms. Starr

Older Twos/Threes Lead Teacher/Co-Teacher

I have been working within the early childhood education field since 1999 and have experience everywhere from working with infants to VPK classes. I have a personal goal here of providing a wonderful, kind, and caring place for the children’s ECE experience. It makes me happy to see the children happy. My teaching style is to bring energy and creativity into the classroom to motivate them to want to learn more. I love being able to teach and play with them every day and seeing them get creative with art. One of my favorite activities is gathering together at circle time to sing songs.

Ms. Lila

Young Twos Assistant/Co-Teacher

I started my journey into the Early Childhood Education field in August of 2019 working with the two-year-olds; I adore them! I was inspired to work in ECE back in 1989 when I went with my young children to school one day. I fell in love with teaching children at that time. I treasure the time I get to spend with every child. I love to watch them learn and grow. I am happy every morning I get to start a new day with greeting all the children at circle time.

Ms. Yani

Older Twos Lead Teacher

I began in early childhood education in 2009 and have experience with all age groups from infants through school age. I love to be a part of a child’s development and to put all my heart into teaching them. I am passionate about the children’s ECE experience everywhere from their nourishment to their emotional, social, and cognitive development. I bring a sense of lovingness, happiness, and activeness to my teaching methods. I love what I do and I will always protect and care for every child.

Ms. Deja

Young Twos Assistant Teacher

I started here at WCA in August of 2020. I am excited to be a part of a child’s early development, knowing that I can make a difference in the process towards their progress. I have a passion and devotion for what I do. My favorite part of the day here is center time/small group lessons. This time allows for one-on-one time with the children and it allows the children to pick and choose their activities. I admire the children’s creative expression when choosing their activities. I am honored that I get to spend my day with the children.

Ms. Yurli

Three Year Old Lead Teacher

I started my career in early childhood education at WCA back in April of 2011 when we first opened our doors. I have worked with infants through children three years of age. Before working in this field, I spent many years as a nanny. I love to work with children.  They are the most beautiful, pure things in the world. I believe children need a good teacher in their young lives to treat them with love and care as well as educate them on the fundamental values of life. It is a goal of mine to continue to educate myself everyday so I can be the best teacher I can for these children. I love interacting with them and I think I learn just as much from them as they learn from me. In my class, I prioritize safety, love, and learning.

Ms. Allison

Infant Assistant Teacher

My early childhood education journey all started in 2002. I spent time being a nanny, a babysitter, and running an after-school program for young elementary children before starting at WCA. I have experience working with infants through three year olds. I approach teaching by using art and play as tools to keep the children motivated. I was originally inspired to teach by my eldest child. At the age of six years old, I realized that he had difficulty remembering what his teacher taught him, so I volunteered at his school to better understand what he was going through. That was when I realized that this is my passion. I love to see the spark in a child’s eyes of being excited about acquiring a new skill. I would like parents to know that I am a child of King Jesus and I am proud to share His teachings in the classroom.

Ms. Sandra

Lead 3/4s Teacher

I started working in early childhood education in October of 2016. Before WCA, I spent time teaching third grade. I have experience with infants through after care children but my concentration in ECE is Threes, 3/4s, and VPK children. It inspires me when the children make connections between what we are exploring in class and the world we live in. I believe in Ephesians 3:20 whole heartedly.  When I prayed for God to use me I realized that most of what I experience has nothing to do with me but everything to do with Jesus. It is one of my favorite experiences to have a child hug me and tell me they love me. I like working in a Christian school because I get to remind them that Jesus loves them and so do I!

Ms. Betty

Lead VPK Teacher

I got started working in early childhood education in 2010. My experience is with children aged two through VPK. I love facilitating small group lessons at WCA.  I am so grateful for this time to get to know them individually. I am continuously inspired by the workings of young minds. I have learned through having my own children how they think and how differently each one develops. I love how children are so loving towards everyone they meet, it is truly amazing! As a parent myself I know it is hard to leave your child in someone else’s care, but please know there is nothing to be worried about when they’re with me. I treat, care and love their children as my own. I want children and parents alike to feel comfortable and safe.

Ms. Nilda

Assistant VPK Teacher

My experience in ECE began by working with a mixed age group of children back in 2010.  After that, I worked in a Head Start Program with three year old children. At WCA I worked in the 3/4s class before my introduction into VPK. Now I work in VPK and do some substitution for the After Care program. I enjoy spending time with children and seeing them learn and grow everyday. I love to read to them and to engage them in the fun, creative ways WCA approaches teaching. A fun fact about me is that I am fluent in three different languages and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with the children.

Ms. Nicole

Assistant VPK Teacher

This is my first job in early childhood education. I spend my mornings in VPK, but in the afternoons I am a Floater. I felt inspired to start working here by my mother who had been working at WCA as a teacher and is now the Assistant Director. I have a nephew who lovingly calls me Coco that I spend a lot of time with and we get along famously.  My comfort level caring for my nephew has spilled over into my experience at WCA. I also love dogs and all animals. I heard that if you are good with kids you are most likely good with animals. Maybe it works the other way around too! I enjoy and am always willing to help with any age group. I love the feeling of warmth I get at the end of every day when I see the children with big smiles on their faces from being reunited with their families.