Threes & 3/4s

Threes & 3/4s: Ages 36-48 Months

World Class Academy’s Threes & 3/4s Program is led by experienced and credentialed teachers that facilitate learning through play. Our loving teachers want the best for your child, bringing strong Christian values into their lessons. With their help, your child will develop a love for learning and be well on their way to a successful future.

The Creative Curriculum we employ at WCA continues for our Threes & 3/4s by further exploring the areas of literacy, mathematics, science, and art. Other important areas we will introduce in this program include technology, social studies, and critical thinking. This program is geared toward teaching your child the skills necessary to lay the groundwork for success in the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program (VPK).

In this program, learning is supported through small and large group instruction depending on what is being focused on that day. Your child will be learning essential social problem solving skills through interactions with their classmates that will help them form positive relationships now and in their future. As interactions naturally happen, we will help walk your child through these essential social skills and help encourage sharing with one another.

Here’s an example of a daily schedule for our Threes & 3/4s Program:

  • Breakfast with social time
  • Manipulative time
  • Circle time with pledge, prayers, and good morning song at 9:00 AM
  • Small group learning centers
  • Outdoor play and exploration
  • Diapering and handwashing
  • Lunch
  • Nap/quiet time
  • Snack
  • Afternoon devoted to reinforcing what was learned in the morning
  • Another outdoor play and exploration time

We host weekly small group swim lessons and bi-weekly Happy Feet Soccer & Amazing Athletes.

Three-year-olds are very lively children who want and need to be constantly moving and exploring. Our teachers harness this excitement by engaging them in activities that both resonate with them and promote learning. Our Threes & 3/4s classrooms are stocked with blocks and sensory play materials for fine motor skill growth, various art mediums and a play kitchen for expanding imagination, and books for language and literacy skills. World Class Academy recognizes that the education process guided by your child’s interests paired with intentional teaching is the best way to keep them motivated in learning new things. We learn through play. We play to learn.


To enroll your child in the Threes & 3/4s Program, we require physical & immunization forms, for your child to be at least three years old, and for them to be potty trained. We would like to invite you to come see all that we have to offer your child. Please schedule a tour to see how we can benefit your family.

Why World Class Academy?

We offer…

  • A great track record for student success in Kindergarten
  • A pool on-site and swim lessons are included in tuition
  • Amazing playgrounds tailored to each age group
  • A large, nearly 2 acre campus with a soccer field
  • A trike track
  • A splash pad
  • A trike trail and new basketball court (coming soon!)