Toddlers: Ages 12-24 Months

The experienced, credentialed teachers here at World Class Academy provide the love and support our toddlers need for success. Our goal is to instill strong Christian values while also helping your child fall in love with the learning process. We will keep your child engaged and motivated by pairing teaching with play.

The WCA Toddler Program is run by teachers that have a deep understanding of how best to set toddlers in the right direction for their continuing education. In this program, we will start introducing the concept of a schedule to your child which is a necessary next step in acclimating them to a school environment. We encourage open communication with our parents and guardians so that we are able to address any specific needs your child may have.

Here’s an example of a daily schedule for our Toddler Program:

  • Breakfast with social time
  • Manipulative time
  • Circle time with pledge, prayers, and good morning song at 9:00 AM
  • Small group learning centers
  • Outdoor play and exploration
  • Diapering and handwashing
  • Lunch
  • Nap/quiet time
  • Snack
  • Afternoon devoted to reinforcing what was learned in the morning
  • Another outdoor play and exploration time

For our WCA toddlers, we use a Creative Curriculum educational approach branching directly from our Infant Program. Our goal for the Toddler Program is to provide or expand upon nurturing relationships and promote more socialization to positively influence learning and development. Our learning strategy utilizes small group interaction and hands-on play to help motivate your child to love learning. We will have activities on music, manipulatives, art, math, science, literacy, and small & large motor skills. Our toddler classrooms give our young learners access to a range of materials. These materials include blocks to stack and build, books to expand their horizons, various art materials to craft, and sensory play materials to explore their tactile world.

To enroll your child in the Infant Program, we require physical and immunization forms and for your child to be at least 12 months old. We warmly invite you to come for a tour {{link}}, we would love for you and your child to come and see the fun and learning at World Class Academy.


Why World Class Academy?

We offer…

  • A great track record for student success in Kindergarten
  • A pool on-site and swim lessons are included in tuition
  • Amazing playgrounds tailored to each age group
  • A large, nearly 2 acre campus with a soccer field
  • A trike track
  • A splash pad
  • A trike trail and new basketball court (coming soon!)